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Women’s Day and the most important issue related to Women

One of today’s important issue on which people have started paying attention is women education. More and more steps are being taken not only on organizational level but also on individual level to increase the awareness and benefits of education among women mostly in the under privileged countries of the world.

There are several programs running across the world these days that design, execute, evaluate and provide basic initiatives to women of all ages across the world to take their first step towards education. These programs help women to gain access and build new educational, financial and social resources in their communities. With the help of these educational programs women are able to create conditions for not only themselves but also for their families that will help them in protection against HIV, trafficking and sexual exploitation. Some of the examples of initiatives taken by such programs are as follows:

World educational programs help women around the world develop skills that allow them to make primary decisions and motivate a change in their communities. In turn these programs affect some of the major issues of our times, to name a few are HIV, population growth, peace and growing gap between rich and poor.

Education is considered as the most important for changing women’s fate across the globe. Thus education of women should be taken as a very serious issue and steps should be taken to spread quality education, whether in the traditional way or online, to each and every woman across the globe.

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International Mother Language Day

Languages are of keen importance for people belonging to any nation due to their implications on communications, education, social integration and identity. Yet, the rising globalization has possessed threats to their existence. Cultures of a dynasty fade as their language disappears. Along with them fades away the traditions, way of thinking of people and valuable resources be it tangible in form of physical resources or intangible in form of knowledge.

Today more than 7,000 languages are spoken in the world and almost 50% of them are likely to die out within few generations. Only some hundreds of languages are provided the pride to be used in the education systems of the world.

International Mother Language day was declared formally by the UNESCO’s general conference in November 1999, after which the day is observed yearly on February 21. The day is observed to promote the linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism throughout the globe.

On 16 May 2007 General Assembly formally declared 2008 International Year of Languages, pursuant to the resolution adopted by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization at its thirty-third session on 20 October 2005, and named the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to serve as the lead agency for the Year.

This initiative did not only increase awareness of language issues, but also mobilized partners and resources for supporting the implementation of strategies and policies in favor of language diversity and multilingualism in all parts of the world.

PennFord High School, one of the leading online high schools that embark accredited high school diplomas to students across the globe also observes this day to promote diversity and effectiveness of learning which comes through teachings in easily understandable language. PennFord High School being an American education institution uses English as the primary language to provide education, however PennFord High School being a student friendly high school both in terms of offerings and fee structure also provide consultancy from native education consultants to students belonging from different parts of the world. PennFord high School is completely accredited by a globally acclaimed accreditation agency IBOEA (International Body of Education Accreditation) and provides online high school diplomas which are widely accepted by the top notch companies of the world. Online high school diplomas of PennFord high School provides students to bring career progression to their current jobs and thus a better lifestyle.


There are many different online diplomas available today. Many Colleges, which exist physically are going online and adding disciplines every year. In days gone by, students had to be prepared to attend a college campus and attend college during the hours of classes scheduled only. The Internet and the availability of distance learning have changed education today. Education has opened up into a whole new arena as students can take classes online and complete their educations over the Internet. An online education will allow students to take courses and subjects from schools that are in another state or country, with the ease of clicking a button. The face of education is changing as students find the Internet and obtaining a degree online the answer to their education dilemmas.

These up to date education centers are meeting the demands of students that want to continue their educations but cannot afford to leave the job market, leave home, or live on a costly college campus. Schools now offer distance education diplomas which are flexible enough to meet the demands of many students. Many of the pioneer Internet learning agencies today have become accredited offering a quality online college diploma.

If you are considering returning to school, then perhaps a distance learning diploma will help make your decision easier and will also help you to achieve  something , which was not possible due to some personal constrains.


More and more teenagers are beginning to earn their high school diplomas through the internet. Distance learning is often a great option for students who need to stay home for health reasons, desire to work at their own pace, find that they are unable to concentrate on their work in the traditional setting, or need to schedule their learning around a career.

One should be well aware that online school’s are not for everyone. Non-traditional programs in an online school vary in many aspects and for this reason the online schools are best suited to adults and teens which are self-motivated and teens that have parent and online teacher supervision during study hours.

Let’s see what students of Pennford high Schools say:

Sometimes what students learn from the course goes beyond the subject matter, David says. “You learn how to discipline yourself, develop problem-solving skills, and learn how to schedule and prioritize your time and your work.

Most online students these days have families and jobs. “If you have good time management skills and are organized, you can do well in an online course,” says Adam, who has a family and works full-time in Wal – mart.

“For someone to do to an online class, they must be very self-disciplined,” Alisa says. “Online courses really do not lend themselves to procrastinators.” She says with online courses, there are sometimes Internet server errors and technical difficulties, and people cannot wait until the final deadline to turn in assignments.

Online students have to schedule the course into their daily life. “Anything in life worth doing is worth doing well, and anything worth doing is worth scheduling,” Mike says.


The advantages of online education mainly reside in the fact that it is available without any barriers or restrictions. Online education allows non-traditional students to learn within their own time frame and schedule their own education, thus helping them to continue their jobs and further their education without taking a break or leaving their career in pursuit of a degree.

The largest number of enrollment in online schools is at the college and university levels, mostly because working adults and home learners have shown an overwhelming interest in learning and development, thereby enhancing their careers. This is due to the great flexibility and ease of study through online mediums. Another important benefit that students seeking education online have over traditional students is the fact that their overall ongoing costs are drastically reduced. In other words, online education is a cost-effective mechanism for non-traditional students and enables millions around the world to continue their education for a better, prosperous future.

As we enter the new millennium, educators are facing a challenge unlike any that has come before. The Worldwide Web has completely changed the way in which we educate students. Despite the new challenges that we continue to face every day, the primary goal remains the same: to construct a learning environment in which the student feels comfortable, study at their own pace and easily affords the course. Internet is the biggest and expensive information medium and it has enabled online education to reach all corners of the world. Students even the most remote areas can easily access internet and start studying online. Online study is self-paced study and students can concentrate on studies more effectively when compared to spending hours in a classroom. Students can attend a course at any time, from anywhere.


Online schools offer a level of convenience that campus-based schools can’t match. If you are looking for convenience, flexibility, program choice, and a satisfying classroom experience, you may find that online schools are superior to traditional college campuses. But, many parents have concerns regarding the functioning of an online school as compared to a traditional school. Read on for five must-know facts about online high school diplomas.

Online High School Diplomas are accredited

Most online high school diplomas are accredited. In fact, many online high schools are accredited from the same body. It has been found that most of the widely accepted online high school diploma programs are recognized by one of the four regional accreditors. National Accreditation Bureau for Alternative Education (NABAE) is also held in high regards and this body has approved the accreditation of a well renowned online high school i.e. Pennford after a comprehensive evaluation

Online schools offer convenience

With online classes, there is no commuting long distance, looking for parking, then rushing across campus to a lecture hall only to find that all the good seats are taken. . Instead, you can take courses in the comfort of your home or office.

Online education is fast – track and self paced

It solely depends upon the student in what time he or she wants to earn a diploma. Online high school diploma thus caters according to the needs of the student. Online high school education is self paced which means that a student can take as much time as he or she wants to complete a specific course.

Online high school education can be used for employment

Online diplomas are equal to traditional diplomas when it comes to employment. Online high school individuals do not need to specify their employers that they attend school through the internet.

Online education is cost effective

Cost is an important factor when choosing between an online and traditional school. Most of the students need to be aware that traditional schools charges more than an online school due the reason that they have to fulfill costs such as building, maintenance, staff, and many other miscellaneous costs. Therefore, if you are looking for convenience and affordability than online education is the right choice.

Online Educational System at PennFord High School

PennFord High School has revamped its educational system by instilling rich educational learning environment on its online campus. The Syllabus is based on a learner-centered approach in which the student is the central focus of the faculty.

The entire curriculum has been prescribed by the National Accreditation Bureau for Alternative Education (NABAE) – an independent, private accreditation agency that accredits international online universities.


Students can enroll at the PennFord High School for the completion of the High School Diploma. From Geography to Health & Fitness to Chemistry, PennFord offers a broad range of courses to help each student reach their full potential. Besides, AHS provide a complete core curriculum at each grade level, plus interactive courses for expanded learning opportunities.

Core Curriculum

PennFord’s Curriculum covers all core subjects including Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. With these courses in the core subject areas, PennFord offers a solid foundation for your child’s education. The online courses are offered for all PennFord’s programs and correspondence courses are available for high school and credit transfer.


PennFord deploys the latest technologies in its education delivery so that students can learn more out of the course that it being taught to them. Apart from that, it ensures seamless delivery of education at the student’s doorstep.


PennFord High School’s faculty comes from some of the best schools of the world and they make sure that the students receive more than what is being delivered to them, so that they have an added advantage as they complete their high school education.